Q: There is a time display on the monitor, but there is no video display from the camera, and

The image is pure black

A: 1) Check if the resolution of the video recorder matches that of the camera (if the video recorder is set to 1080P, the camera needs 1080P to display);

(2) Check if the video signal cable and power cable of the camera are properly connected and confirm that the camera is working properly;

(3) Check the display settings and whether the preview switch is set to off.


Q: After inserting the SD card and turning it on, recording cannot be performed.

A: 1) The top right corner of the screen displays NO REC. First, format the SD card or hard drive on the recorder;

(2) Is there access to channel video images? Without images, there is no recording;

(3) Check if the protective lock next to the SD card is closed.


Q: The video screen displayed on the monitor does not display the time

A: Generally, it is caused by a bad track on the SD card or hard drive. Remove the SD card or hard drive and restart it for testing.


Q: The video files of the recorder cannot be played on the computer.

A: Please confirm that the computer has installed the video playback software included in our company's


Q: There is a noticeable pause in playing video files on the computer


1) Please confirm using a high-speed SD card

2) Due to multiple uses, excessive file fragments have been generated. Please format the SD card and use it again


Q: Incorrect time display

A: 1) Setting error, or modifying the time without pressing 'OK' to take effect;

(2) Poor battery contact;

(3) The battery has been in use for a long time, please replace it.


Q: There is no sound during video playback

A: 1) There was no pickup, and the recorder did not record;

(2) The recording switch in the recording settings option is not turned on;

(3) Is mute set in the playback interface;

(4) When playing back, it is necessary to select the channel with audio.


Q: Mobile detection does not work

A: 1) The moving object is not within the detection area;

(2) Setting sensitivity too low.

Q: Remote control cannot be controlled

A: 1) The remote control is too far away or the angle is too biased;

(2) The remote control battery has been used for too long, please replace the battery;

(3) The remote control is damaged or the IR receiver of the video recorder is damaged.


Q: The video has no output or signal distortion.

A: 1) Is the video connection cable of the recorder loose;

(2) Check if the camera is damaged;

(3) Check if there are any issues with the connection between the video source and the display device;

(4) Incorrect selection of PAL and NTSC.


Q: I/O alarm does not work.

A: 1) Incorrect alarm settings;

(2) Incorrect alarm wiring;

(3) The alarm input signal is incorrect.


Q: No delayed shutdown in ignition mode.

A: 1) No delay time set;

(2) Set the delay time and did not restart the recorder.

Q: How much disk capacity does the hourly recording take up

A: 1) Audio occupies approximately 14M per hour per route;

(2) The video occupies approximately 100-220M (CIF) and 200-300M (HD1) per hour per route,

400600M (D1)1GB (720P)1.5GB (1080P)

(3) The amount of disk space occupied is determined by resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and image quality, and can be set by entering the recording settings menu. The higher the clarity, the clearer the image quality, and the larger the storage space occupied.


Q: The hard drive cannot recognize the hard drive.

A: Please check if the input current is normal first. If the current is insufficient, there may be a situation where the hard drive cannot be read


Q: 3G/4G video recorder unable to locate

A: 1) Check if the antenna is placed outdoors and if there are metal objects blocking the antenna;

(2) Check for poor contact or damage to the built-in connecting wire.


Q: 3G/4G machines cannot access the internet

A: Press the Info key on the remote control to view the information status and check if the module and SIM card are recognized properly.

(1) Check if the antenna is normal;

(2) Check if the SIM card is properly inserted;

(3) Check if there are any charges for the SIM card.

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