How does the whole system work?

● Each vehicle install four cameras, real-time monitor front of vehicle,front row passengers, back row passengers, trunk.
● Driver alarm button can support alarm on network platform.
● Support passengers JPEG image capture and pictures can be stored in the server.
● Support GPS/ BD dual modules positioning with higher location accuracy.
● Command center can operate the vehicle at any time by using 3G/ 4G.
● Support 2 X128GB SD cards
● The supervisor can master the bus running status in all directions and eliminate all kinds of security risks effectively through monitoring management platform
● Extending LED by RS232 can update the advertisements contents.
● Calling-up and guide system connected by RS-232,Mobile DVR can transmit the communication services between calling-up terminal
screen and backstage.
● Detailed vehicle grouping and multilevel account management combined with the unified and diversified management mode perfectly.
● Can extend service evaluation device, record drivers’service quality, improving customers’ satisfaction.

What are the benefits of installing a vehicle mobile DVR?

Meeting all relevant legislation and compliance without disrupting fleet operations.

Minimizing accidents while driving or loading vehicles.

Protecting cyclists and other vulnerable road users in congested inner cities.

Reducing the costs of downtime and insurance premiums through personal injury claims and accident investigations.

Reducing the overall cost of running a fleet in driving route, fuel consumption and driver behavior

Minimizing the risk of theft and vandalism of company assets.

Why choose JetviewKam?

·         Has been specializing in MDVR/MNVR and Vehicle security for 10 years.

·         Rich experience in large projects of 5000 units.

·         With patent in anti-vibration technology

·         With CE, FCC, E-mark and EN50155 certificates.

·         18 months standard warranty +6 months shipping back and less than 1% defective rate.

·         Professional technical support engineers to support you 7/24.

·         Professional R&D team, available to provide customized software and hardware. 

·         Professional manufacturer and Quality control




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